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Introduction to chair making

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Woodland management on the Museum’s site provides the ideal raw materials for use in the Museum’s Introduction to Chair Making courses.

Site Interpreter and woodsman, Jon Roberts, manages the woodland in a sympathetic and informed manner, coppicing in rotation and hand-picking those trees which will make ideal furniture timber.

The tree will re-grow several shoots the following spring, which will provide an on-going supply of timber into the future.

Photo 1

Using hand tools the tree is carefully felled, then sawn to length using his two-man cross-cut saw.

Photo 2Using these carefully selected billets of timber students learn “hands-on” the traditional methods of working with simple yet effective tools.

Photo 5

Getting to grips with simple engineering and design principles each student develops their understanding and abilities.

Photo 3

After a good day’s work, students on one of the previous Courses pause to show off their new skills.

Photo 4

Courses at the Museum

If you’d like to find out more about our working with wood courses, which include an introduction to chair making, please visit our courses pages.