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A fabulous fruit harvest

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This year we have had a very good harvest and we are currently selling the produce in our shop.


Medlar fruits have a distinctive and unusual taste. They cannot be eaten until they have been “bletted” – started to go brown and soft (a process beyond ripening and just on the point of decay and fermentation. Also used for quince).

Store them in a cool place until bletted and then they can be eaten or made into medlar jelly. They can also be used in pies or made into a curd cheese.


Medlars are grown in Bayleaf Farmstead orchard at the Museum.

Warden pears

This old variety of pear is mentioned in Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale”. The pears are very hard, so have good keeping qualities, and are only edible when cooked. They are very good when stewed with spices or poached in red wine.

Warden pears at the Weald & Downland Museum

Warden pears are grown in Bayleaf Farmhouse and Walderton cottage gardens at the Museum.

Here is a small selection of photos, which show our volunteers harvesting medlars:

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For further information about the Museum’s historic gardens and produce, please visit our Historic Gardens pages.