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Cattle naming competition

By 3 September 2015January 11th, 2021No Comments

Our two new Sussex cattle steers are settling in well and we now need your help to name them.

As the cattle will be worked (ploughing and pulling carts), there are a couple of rules with regard to their names:

(1) Their names must begin with the same letter of the alphabet.
(2) One must be a single syllable and the other two syllables.

For example Ed and Ernie.

Please note that our cattle are both male and their names should be appropriate for our staff and volunteers to shout!

Entries close Wednesday 16 September and the winning names will be announced on Friday 18 October. The winner will receive a free family ticket to visit the Museum, valid for 12 months.

To enter, please email us with your two suggestions before Wednesday 16 September.

Thank you for your help and good luck!


Thank you to everyone who suggested names for our cattle. After much deliberation, our cattle-training team selected names from several different sources, so there is no overall winner.

Welcome to Sol and Saxon – Sol meaning “Sun” and Saxon to celebrate our new Saxon hall house, which is under construction.