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Buzz of activity in our historic gardens

By 10 March 2017January 12th, 2021No Comments

Whatever the season there is always a buzz of activity across the six historic gardens at the Museum, all adding to our presentation of living history.

As all gardeners know, seasonal tasks must be attended to – regardless of the weather conditions.

At the Museum we strive to have all the appropriate plants at their best for display purposes – as well as supplying the Tudor kitchen and other parts of the Museum where there is a call for traditional food and herbal medicines. So we like to have our greens and eat them!

Various pests, particularly deer, are the bane of the life of Museum Gardener, Carlotta Holt, and team. Despite these challenges there are always colours, scents, displays and demonstrations to delight visitors throughout the season.

Many people regard their gardens as another room in their houses – outside living spaces where they relax or produce food. At the Museum we think of gardens as integral to our understanding of how people lived in these historic homes – from the jobs that would have been done outside, to the ‘weeds’ outside the door with medicinal uses, to the vegetables that represented an outdoor larder.

Our Historic Gardens Weekend, 24-25 June, will shine a light on our historic gardens. Our team put down their spades and scythes to chat to visitors about planting, layout, plant varieties and how garden produce was used.

Come and enjoy a relaxing weekend with informal conversations with our knowledgeable team in beautiful surroundings, garden-themed craft demonstrations, stands from gardening groups and organisations, and the opportunity to buy all sorts of wonderful garden-related products.