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Boozy bakehouse

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The bakehouse at the Weald & Downland Living Museum

The Bakers in the Newdigate Bakehouse are preparing for the upcoming Historic Life WeekendBrewing Through the Ages by baking some beverage related recipes. These have been test baked to ensure they are up to the high standard required at the Bakehouse.

First off was a Beer Bread that proved to be a very lively dough. Requiring knocking back several times before the oven was ready to receive it. It continued to expand in the oven and the resultant loaf achieved an impressive size well beyond its tin! Once slices it revealed a great structure, undoubtedly helped by its slow overnight rise and (in the end) four knock-backs. It had a good savoury flavour and would really go well with cheese.

Next up was a Fruity Cider Cake which involved boiling up the butter, sultanas, sugar and cider before adding the eggs and flour and spices. This resulted in a batter style mix which took about 40 minutes in the oven to bake through. It achieved a lovely golden brown outer colour and once sliced open it had a great crumb and even distribution of fruit. On tasting it proved to be deliciously moist and have a great flavour with the cider really coming through.

With both recipes working out so well we will be repeating them next weekend as part of the Historic Life WeekendBrewing through the Ages. Why not come along and give them a try!

Also at the museum over the weekend will be Tudor brewing in Winkhurst Tudor Kitchen, Cider making in Crawley Hall, talks with the blacksmiths working in the Smithy from Southwater and much more!

Baking at the Bakehouse

Baking at the Bakehouse

Baking at the Bakehouse

Baking fruity cider cake at the Bakehouse

Fruity cider cake.

Baking beer bread at the Bakehouse

Beer bread.