Plumber's workshop from Newick

Plumbers’ Workshop from Newick

This building formed part of the premises of W R Fuller, Plumbers & Decorators. The business was first established in 1792 in the nearby village of Fletching.

In 1817 it was moved to Burnt House, Newick, and again in 1888 to Red Brick House, just south of the village green. It was probably soon after this that the workshop was built. The builder was Mr Clark Martin of Newick, who later emigrated to Canada.



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Original Location

Newick, Sussex

Building History

Background Information

The plumbers’ workshop was one of three workshop buildings tucked into a narrow space between the house and its boundary. The others were a painters’ shop where the paints were mixed, and a shop or showroom nearest the road, both of which were demolished in the 1970s.

The Newick workshop on its original site

The Newick workshop on its original site.

The building contains a plumbers’ workshop on the ground floor and a glaziers’ workshop on the first floor. It was prefabricated in sections which were bolted together on site — an early example of this method of construction.

Plumbers workshop

The plumber’s workshop at the Museum today.

The building was presented to the Museum in 1986 and was moved intact, rather than being dismantled.

Top 3 Interesting Facts

The plumbers workshop at the Museum

Prefab Building

This is an early example of a prefabricated building, with sections bolted together in its final location.

Lead pouring

Two Trades

In this building the plumbers workshop was on the ground floor, with a glaziers’ workshop on the first floor.

Frost on window pane

Plumbers & Decorators

As part of the premise of W R Fuller, Plumbers & Decorators, it was one of three workshops in a small area.

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