Hay barn from ockley

Hay Barn from Ockley

This oak-framed hay barn with a tiled and hipped roof stands on eight posts and is almost square in plan.

The sides are open to allow air to flow, with the exception of four-feet deep weather-board fixed at the top of two opposing sides.

It was built in 1804 on a large farm in Ockley, Surrey, and was used to store hay under cover rather than outside in a stack.



Dates From


Original Location

Ockley, Surrey


Background Information

In 1835, J C Loudun wrote about hay barns: “the hay barn is commonly constructed of timber, and sometimes is open on the south or east, or even on all sides… they are found to be extremely useful and convenient during a catching and unsettled hay-harvest, and also at other seasons of the year.”

The building currently houses a threshing drum, elevator and living van which was used by the steam engine driver and his mate for the autumn wheat harvest.

Top 3 Interesting Facts

Ockley barn with thresher

Building Structure

The oak-framed hay barn with a tiled and hipped roof stands on 8 posts.

Cowfold barn internal construction

Farm Location

The hay barn dates from 1804 and was built on a large farm in Surrey.

Steam threshing machine

An Historical Description

In 1835, a source explains hay barns as ‘extremely useful during an unsettled hay harvest and other seasons of the year’.

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