Steven Labedz

Steven Labedz was, until recently, CEO of Salterns Academy Trust, a small multi-academy trust running two secondary schools in Portsmouth.

A Cambridge Natural Sciences graduate, Steven has had a 40 year teaching career, 30 of them in school leadership. He moved to Portsmouth in 1995 to help establish a brand new school, which became Admiral Lord Nelson School and has lived in Emsworth with his family since then.

His love of history started in childhood with the fireside tales told by his own family from two countries revealing fascinating insights which just couldn’t be found in history books and this interest was fostered by his little comprehensive school back in Sheffield, where he grew up.

Steven sits on a number of strategic and advisory boards, mainly in education fields and for local councils and also for various charities.

His driving passion in education has been to equip young people to understand, enjoy and find their place in the wider world with all it complexities. A day at the Weald and Downland Museum is a perfect illustration of how this can be achieved so much better than a host of classroom-based lessons.

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