The Repair Shop BBC2 image still

BBC2’s The Repair Shop filmed at Museum

BBC2’s series, The Repair Shop, began on Monday 27 March 2017, showing every week day for three weeks. It offers an antidote to throwaway culture! Viewers can see what wonderful treasures have been found in homes across the country, and how the team of conservators gives them new life.

In the very first episode, three cherished family heirlooms were brought back to life; a timepiece with huge sentimental value, a 50-year-old wooden flying fish and an 80-year-old instrument played in the bomb shelters of London during the Blitz.  For details of upcoming episodes see BBC iPlayer.

Filmed at the Museum from January 2017 to date, the Ricochet film crew have been a pleasure to work with. Court Barn is the star of the show, and the Victorian smithy and nearby wagon shed are also used in the repair of items.

The Repair Shop is closed to Museum visitors and it is not currently possible to visit the set outside of filming times.

Need to contact The Repair Shop?

For all Repair Shop enquiries, please do not contact the Museum (we are simply the venue) – instead, please email [email protected] directly. Please note that the conservators featured in the series come from across the UK and are not resident at the Museum – the Museum is unable to offer conservation advice for the repair of items.