Research and Buildings

  • 9.30am-5pm The course The number, position and arrangement of timbers provides the evidence for the analysis and dating of timber framed buildings based on stylistic evidence. We will use the Museum exhibit buildings from the South East of England to look at features dating from the late 1300s to the 1900s. Learn to spot the... (more info)
  • A map of Pendean and Horselands farms in 1781.
    10am-4.30pm The course Political and religious upheavals made the 17th century one of the most dramatic periods in Britain’s history. The impact at the local level was severe: in Chichester’s case this led to a damaging siege in 1642 and then the long agony of the Civil War, followed by plots and rumours of plots... (more info)
  • Elizabethan SussexSunday 27 September 2020
    10am-4pm The course This day course gives a feel to what it was like to live in Sussex five hundred years ago.  We will talk about the great houses, and the people who lived in them, and what that was like.  We will look at the landscape around them, what the towns were like, and... (more info)
  • 10am-4.30pm The course This day course looks at the documentary evidence for the history of houses, with an emphasis on what it can tell us about their social history. It will introduce participants to the sources and to some of the ways in which you can explore the history of the development of  your house,... (more info)