Herbal and Garden

  • 9.30am-4.30pm The course Using simple natural ingredients, learn how to make cosmetics including the tutor’s award-winning honey soap, beeswax moisture cream and a healing ointment. You will go home with recipe sheets and the products you have made. The tutor Dr Sara Robb is an award-winning scientist, professional speaker, author and managing director of her... (more info)
  • 9.30am-4.30pm The course Over the past 20 years we have explored the many uses of herbs from the past Millennium using authentic recipes from each period. We have also examined our own native herbs and noted the benefits of plants introduced during the Roman occupation, from Arabic Medicine through the Crusades and those discovered by... (more info)
  •   9.30am-4.30pm The course The rebellion of Paracelsus, a Swiss physician, surgeon and alchemist against the orthodox medicine of the time in 1527, laid open the way for modern chemical medicine to develop. He burned Avicenna’s great Canon of Medicine based on Galen’s teachings in a bid to found his own new system. He supported... (more info)
  • Diaries of garden secretsSunday 7 July 2019
    9.30am-4.30pm The course Keeping a diary of what flourishes in your garden and when is a useful pastime which has been popular for centuries. It is a particularly relevant activity as we experience the effects of climate change to record which plants suffer most from the extremes of temperature and moisture levels and which survive... (more info)
  • Arabic influence herbsFriday 2 August 2019
    9.30am-4.30pm The course Arabia supplied the precious spices and aromatic gums used in western medicine. However the Arabic influence on medical training and in particular the practice of the apothecary, was so much greater than sourcing drugs. We will be looking at contacts with the East from the pilgrimage of Alfred the Great to Jerusalem... (more info)
  • Celtic herbsSaturday 3 August 2019
    Saxon house opening October 2016
    9.30am-4.30pm The course A day to make real contact with the value of our native environment, looking at those plants available to our ancestors before the Romans came. Life in a Celtic round house has left only archaeology to enlighten us but we will be using the oldest surviving source of Celtic medicinal recipes from... (more info)
  • Herbs for healthSunday 4 August 2019
    9.30am-4.30pm The course The origins of the herbaceous border lie in growing herbs for home remedies in the past.  Led by a medical herbalist, the course offers guidance on the most safe and useful herbs to grow and how to harvest and use or preserve them.  A practical day ensures careful identification instruction on the... (more info)
  • 11am-4pm The course In this day we will explore the following topics: how our nerves and hormones function, understanding insomnia, anxiety, fatigue and headaches, plant actions, identifying the bean family food and herb knowhow kit and make remedies including an essential oils bath and pillow tincture. The tutor Alex Laird is a medical herbalist and... (more info)