Timber Framing From Scratch

A superb opportunity to gain hands-on experience of timber-framing, led by Museum carpenter-in-residence, Joe Thompson. A series of practical courses introducing students to the historic use of structural oak framing, tools and techniques. Together these courses give a thorough grounding in traditional timber-framing, but students are welcome to take courses in any order, or simply choose just one course which most fits their needs. This is a unique series of courses, covering three major timber-framing techniques.
  • Oak timber framing: jowl postsMonday 20 - Friday 24 January 2020
    9am-5pm The course This workshop aims to develop the students’ knowledge and experience to the specific problems facing the historic carpenter framing with “wet” or “green” oak.  It will introduce solutions to framing the timbers together to ensure the correct lengths, bevels and allowances, and will aim to provide a detailed knowledge of the use... (more info)
  • Oak timber framing: wall framingMonday 15 - Friday 19 July 2019
    9am-5pm Frequently asked questions The course In this workshop the secondary timbers of a timber-framed building, namely braces and studs, will be lined out, scribed, cut and fitted to a simple frame constructed on a previous oak timber framing workshop. This workshop aims to develop the students’ knowledge and experience to the specific problems facing... (more info)
  • Square rule timber framingMonday 3 - Friday 7 February 2020
    9am – 5pm The course A hands-on workshop learning how the North Americans were fabricating timber frames in the nineteenth century. Their system had evolved from the “melting pot” of European carpentry cultures combined with the straight timbers available from the virgin forests. However some of the roots of the new system can clearly be... (more info)
  • Oak timber framing: roof framingMonday 14 - Friday 18 October 2019
    To be added to the waiting list please call 01243 811021 or email [email protected] 9am-5pm Frequently asked questions The course The workshop is designed to enable students to frame both a gable and a hipped roof over two simple frames constructed on two previous Timber Framing From Scratch workshops. It covers the lining out, cutting... (more info)