Brick, Flint & Lime

  • 9.30am-5pm The course During this day school participants will: Find out how limewash is used Look at the colouring of limewash, and see examples of its application on the historic exhibit buildings at the Museum Mix distemper and consider its context in historical and contemporary buildings Look at current linseed oil paint ranges which are... (more info)
  • Building from Lavant
    9.30am-5pm The course An overview of the historical development of the bricks, mortars and manner of manipulating them that stamped its character on Tudor, Jacobean, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian brickwork. It also examines the causes of failure and conservative repairs relevant to each period. The tutor Gerard Lynch LCG, Cert Ed, MA, PhD is an... (more info)
  • Jointing, pointing & re-pointing historic brickworkTuesday 11 - Wednesday 12 June 2019
    9.30am-5pm The course A two-day course consisting of illustrated lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practice, which explores the historical and technical development of jointing and pointing from the Tudor period to the early 20th century. The theoretical and historic background will be covered including the tools, materials, mortars and practice. It will also examine the considerations... (more info)
  • Lime mortars for traditional brickworkMonday 30 September 2019
    9.30am-5pm The course The day will consist of introductory talks with slides covering: The variety of limes and their uses, the current issues. Suitability of purpose, no lime is a bad lime if properly used. Non-hydraulic and hydraulic limes, traditional and modern preparations. The decay of buildings and why historic buildings need lime. The talks... (more info)
  • Repair of traditionally constructed brickworkTuesday 1 - Thursday 3 October 2019
    9.30am-5pm The course The course will include: principles of repair causes of failure and decay inappropriate materials and practices techniques for selecting methods of repair cutting out bricks taking out defective joints and inappropriate cement mortar stitch repairs and reinforcements patch pointing using lime mortar reversing bricks and use of “slips” plastic repairs cleaning brickwork... (more info)
  • Practical flint wallingMonday 4 - Tuesday 5 November 2019
    flint walling
    9.00am-4.30pm day one, 9.00am-1.00pm day two The course A two-day practical course covering: Preparation of flints for laying, knapping and setting out. Advice on tools and lime mortars, Practical flint work in different styles including galletting. The tutors Mark Middleton and Phil Francis of Berry-Middleton Ltd are experienced in many aspects of flint work, and... (more info)
  • Lime plastersWednesday 4 September 2019
    9.30am-5pm The course An introduction to the use of lime plasters and lime mortars for homeowners and professionals working with historic buildings. The focus will be on the use of lime as interior and exterior damp management system, the repair of damaged brickwork and decorative finishes. We will view samples of lime within the grounds... (more info)