Evening Talks

  • Heritage and HousingWednesday 22 May 2019
    2pm-3.30pm The Talk Providing enough houses for people to live in is one of the great issues affecting England today. It is an issue for people looking to buy new homes and settle into new areas, but also one for those wanting to protect the distinctiveness of their historic towns and villages. Most new house... (more info)
  • The Swing Riots in West SussexMonday 3 June 2019
    6.30pm-8pm The Talk The name Swing Riots is taken from the sending of anonymous letters, as in the earlier Luddite riots in the north of England. There, letters were often signed by a mythical ‘Ned Ludd’. Likewise some Swing Riot letters are signed by the mythical ‘Captain Swing’. However, although there are some similarities the... (more info)