Victorian Household Chores KS1-KS2

Duration: 45 minutes

Maximum numbers: 15 children

Victorian household chores workshop provides children with the opportunity to explore and consider the daily life and home environment of Victorian children. It is held in one of Whittaker’s Cottages, a typical farm labourer’s cottage of the Victorian period.

The children will undertake a varied range of household activities which Victorian children would have been expected to help with, for example making the beds and beating the rugs. Comparisons are made to the chores that are carried out today and the role that modern children have in these chores.

The children will also explore the outside, downstairs and upstairs of one of the houses, and will consider the differences and difficulties of outside toilets, no running water and no central heating. The workshop highlights the differences between Victorian and modern family size and living spaces.

Victorian Chores Risk Assessment