Victorian Country Walk KS1-KS2

Duration: 45 minutes

Maximum numbers: 15 children

A Victorian Country Walk is designed as a fun experience for pupils studying the Victorian period to appreciate what children in this period would see and do on their journey to school.

The whole session takes place outside and the walk guides students to different areas of the Museum site. The exact route depends on the season and what is happening around the Museum, so each Country Walk session will be slightly different.

The group will undertake a varied walk looking at wildlife, vegetation, buildings, implements and demonstrations where appropriate. We may stop to look at the sheep and the shepherds hut, trees and hedgerows and their uses, the muck heap, gardens, waggons, the stables, a hay barn, geese, the lake and its wildlife, watch and listen to some birds, visit the blacksmith working in his forge and look at the saw pit.

The children will also have the opportunity to take part in in a few hands-on elements within the 45-minute session. This could be whistling using a piece of grass, picking berries and leaves from trees and hedgerows, using potatoes as hand warmers, playing with an iron hoop or collecting kindling.

Victorian Country Walk Risk Assessment