Tudor games KS2-KS4

Duration: 45 minutes

Maximum numbers: 15 children

Tudor Games is a hands-on experience with board games and outdoor toys which would have been used by Tudor children.

The children investigate the evidence for toys and games by studying an urban landscape painting from the 15th century. The children can then try the games and toys for themselves using our replicas. They will pair off to play Nine Men’s Morris then venture outside to try their hand at skittles, sticks and hoops and many more.

The workshop offers the children an opportunity to imagine life in the Tudor period through comparison with their modern lifestyles. They will learn to examine and extract information from historic sources (in this case a painting) and then apply that knowledge to practical activities.

Please note that the toys mentioned are examples and may be subject to change. If it is raining the leader may opt to keep the children inside and focus on indoor toys.

Tudor Games Risk Assessment