Farming through the ages KS2

Duration: 90 minutes

Maximum numbers: 15 children

So many of our ancestors were directly involved in working on the land. In this session we’ll consider the conditions they worked under, the tools available to them, what they farmed, and seasonal tasks. We will go into a farmhouse, visit farm buildings and see the animals at the Museum.

The focus of this session is farming in Anglo-Saxon England; we’ll begin by looking at historical evidence, read a dialogue and play a game to apply the pupil’s recently acquired knowledge about choice and chance in farming at this time. Then we’ll explore different areas of production around the museum e.g. the woodland, fields, orchard, farmhouse and shaw. Finally there is a chance to hold and have a go with a couple of simple tools that were essential elements of any farm.

We will consider the seasonal jobs that men, women and children would have done in the past. Tools will be matched to the jobs that they were used for, we’ll think about the animals and produce that came from them, and also consider difficulties and risks of farming.

Farming through the ages Risk Assessment