Clothing through the ages KS2

Duration: 90 minutes

Maximum numbers: 15 children

What did normal people, like you and me, wear? How was it made? Who made it and where? All these questions and more will be covered. In addition pupils will have a chance to try on some historic clothing and think about the colours available with natural dyes.

In this session we will look at clothing in the Anglo-Saxon period, think about the materials and have a go at some of their techniques such as finger loop braiding and spinning. We will also go on a walk through the site to explore areas of production and compare the Anglo-Saxon clothing with what was worn in a later period.

Today we take for granted access to cheap clothing made from a range of materials and we tend not to mend items of clothing or expect them to last too long. Of course things were very different in the past. Our Historic Clothing Project has created carefully researched Anglo-Saxon, medieval, Tudor, Stuart and Victorian clothing. We’ll look at design – including elements of headdress and footwear – and have a go at preparing wool.

Clothing through the ages Risk Assessment