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Rare Breeds Show 2016 – Champions & Trophies Awarded


All Champions and Best of Breed winners are awarded a special Singleton Show 2016 Horse Brass. Best of Breed winners also receive either a breed society or a Singleton Show Rosette. Our thanks to all of this year’s class sponsors and to event sponsor Fuller’s.


Supreme Interbreed Sheep: Mrs H Butler (Heath & Hill, Black-Welsh Mountain)

Reserve Supreme Interbreed Sheep: Mr Harwood (Primitive – Castlemilk)

Primitive Breeds
Champion: Mr Harwood (Castlemilk)

Reserve Champion: Mr D Cruse (Hebridean)

Manx Loaghtan
Champion: C Kempson

Reserve Champion: L Rollason

Champion: Mr & Mrs Dean

Reserve Champion: Mr Harwood

Lenice Bell, Shetland Sheep Judge, commented: “We had an great turn out – many classes had 15 entries and the standard was excellent. A wonderful showcase for the Shetland Sheep Society and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.”

Champion: Ms H Turner (Southdown)

Reserve Champion: Ms H Turner (Southdown)

Champion: Mr J Shippam (Teeswater)

Reserve Champion: S Blundon (Devon & Cornwall)

Champion: C Nugent (Greyface Dartmoor)

Reserve Champion: D Delve (Greyface Darmoor)

Heath or Hill
Champion: Mrs H Butler (Black Welsh Mountain)
Reserve Champion: Mr & Mrs R Wise (Black Welsh Mountain)

Champion: Mrs H Butler

Reserve Champion: Mrs H Butler

Wool on the Hoof
Champion: Mr J Shippam (Teeswater)

Reserve Champion: Mr R G Gaete-Holmes (Icelandic)


Supreme Interbreed Cattle: Mrs J Whitehouse (Highland)

Reserve Interbreed Cattle: Miss F Thomson (Dexter)

Champion: Miss F Thomson

Reserve Champion: Miss F Thomson

Dexter Charles Cup: S Cobden

Dairy or Dual Purpose
Champion: Mr S Gennings (Gloucester)

Reserve Champion: Ms O’Connell (Gloucester)

Beef cattle (Except Shorthorn, Longhorn & Sussex)
Champion: Mrs Whitehouse (Highland)

Reserve Champion: Mr Tedbury (Highland)

Beef cattle Shorthorn, Longhorn & Sussex
Champion: Mr Tedbury (Highland)


Supreme Interbreed Goat: Mr & Mrs Sharp (Pigmy)

Reserve Interbreed Goat: J Barker (Golden Guernsey)

Champion: Mr & Mrs Sharp

Reserve Champion: Mrs S Howard

Golden Guernsey
Champion: Mrs J Barker

Reserve Champion: Mrs J Barker

Champion: Mrs  J Brown

Reserve Champion: Mrs Shepherd


Supreme Interbreed Pig:
S Westron

Reserve Supreme Interbreed:
Mr & Dr Giles (Middle White)

White Breeds
Champion: Mr & Dr Giles  (Middle White)

Reserve Champion: Mr & Dr Giles (Middle White)

Coloured breeds
Champion: S Westron

Reserve Champion: S Westron


Young Handler under 10 (Sheep): Juliette Gamble

Young Handler 10 – 14 (Sheep): Emily Shipton

Young Handler under 10 (Cattle): Oscar Ross, aged 3 (Dexter)

Young Handler under 10 (Goats): Chloe Brown

Junior Stockperson (Pigs): Freya Harris