rescue swans

Rescued swans rehomed to mill pond

The Museum has been working closely with Swan Lifeline and a pair of Mute swans – a cob (male) and pen (female) were released on our mill pond on Thursday 2 November.

The two birds shared a pen at the swan sanctuary so, although not a definite pair, they do have a firm bond with one another.

The male has suffered a fishing line injury, which resulted in him losing some movement in one of his feet, where the bones have fused together. This means he walks on the top part of the foot but he is not in pain and the charity felt that our quiet mill pond would make an ideal home. Both swans are perfectly healthy with no further care or treatment needed.

We are advised by the charity that the swans can eat grain and greenery, but must not be fed bread which can make them ill.


The pair are capable of flying and have currently (8th November) decided to take off but we hope they will return to us once they have found their bearings!