Drone filming

Drone filming and photography

There is growing interest in the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones to film or photograph and, whilst they offer a wonderful view of our site and collection of historic buildings, we must carefully balance this with our requirement to conserve our designated collection, to maintain the safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors, and to ensure that our farm animals and wildlife are not unduly stressed (especially during breeding seasons).

The use of drones is not permitted on or over the Museum site without prior approval – unauthorised drone flying is both illegal and potentially puts people at risk. Many drones have cameras attached and these could infringe data protection laws (filming people without permission) and potentially could contravene the Museum’s rules on commercial photography and filming.

How to seek permission

If you would like to arrange drone flying at the Museum for filming or photography, please contact us to discuss your project. All projects (for personal and commercial use) will be subject to a charge to cover the Museum’s time (charged hourly). Commercial projects will also incur fees for the commercial usage of photographic and film media. An estimate will be provided after receipt of the above method statement.

Drone filming policy

Please read our drone policy prior to contacting us about your proposed project.

Contact details

Please read our drone policy and then contact us well in advance of your proposed project. To enquire about drone flying at the Museum, please call us on 01243 811032 or email [email protected].