Traditional English longbow

Friday 26 - Sunday 28 January 2018



The course

There is a saying that ‘a great bow is nine tenths broken at full draw’, but by understanding the properties of timber and with skills, we can take timber to its limit (and return!) to produce an implement of incredible beauty and practicality.

Starting with a simple stave of timber you will learn to shape a fully working bow based on the design of the great bow of the hundred years war.

The tutor

John Rhyder is an expert naturalist specialising in outdoor skills and human relationships with the natural world. He offers intriguing knowledge about wildlife, tracking, plants and trees plus first hand experience of an impressive array of traditional and indigenous crafts.

After working as head instructor for Ray Mears, the international survival expert, he now runs his own company Woodcraft School offering training courses in bushcraft and nature awareness in West Sussex.

Participant information

The course will be limited to 8 participants.

Please wear warm, sensible working clothes and sturdy footwear.

You may wish to bring a notebook and pencil.

Please do not bring your own knives or any other cutting tools as you will be loaned appropriate equipment when necessary.


£275 per person to include all materials and use of tools.

The Museum café will be open, or you may bring a packed lunch each day.