Shooting the traditional longbow

Saturday 13 May 2017



The course

This course will be an introduction to the art and craft of longbow archery focusing on the history and traditions of this remarkable weapon. There will be an opportunity to examine and discuss a wide range of archery equipment concentrating on the traditional medieval style bow and its arrows. The course will also include intensive tuition in the practice of longbow archery using a range of different bows suitable for the beginner and the more experienced archer alike. Dependent upon conditions there will be an opportunity to shoot at a variety of ranges at a number of different targets including the traditional, wand, clout and garland. There will be an opportunity to discuss and review recent literature on the subject. This course should enable both the beginner and enthusiast to further their progress in this demanding but rewarding craft.

The tutor

Jonathan Davies has been shooting the longbow exclusively for the past twenty years and instructing longbow archery for the past fifteen. He teaches archery to secondary school pupils three or four times a week as well as acting as having acted as archery captain for several re-enactment groups. He has written widely on the history and practise of archery in the Glade, the Journal of the Society of Archer Antiquaries and Skirmish. He has also written the only detailed guide to re-enactment archery directed at those wishing to recreate the archery of the medieval period.

Participant information

Please wear clothing suitable for the weather but avoid loose garments, as the majority of the day takes place out of doors. Please bring any traditional archery equipment that you may have and would like to use. However, all necessary equipment will be provided by the tutor.


£50 per person, to include tuition, teas and coffees. The Museum café will be open or you can bring a packed lunch.

The Museum

The Weald & Downland Living Museum has over 45 historic building exhibits. It is also home to the award winning and innovative Downland Gridshell, which houses a conservation workshop and artefact store, and is also used for many practical courses. The Museum runs a full programme of courses in historic building conservation and traditional rural trades and crafts, along with MSc programmes in Building Conservation and Timber Building Conservation validated by the University of York. Please telephone for further details.



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