From honey and beeswax to cosmetics and soap

Sunday 20 May 2018


The course

Using simple natural ingredients, learn how to make cosmetics including the tutor’s award-winning honey soap, beeswax moisture cream and a healing ointment. You will go home with recipe sheets and the products you have made.

The tutor

Dr Sara Robb is an award-winning scientist, professional speaker, author and managing director of her company Bath Potions. Sara grew up in Iowa and began her education at Iowa State University. Continuing her education, Sara studied pharmacognosy and toxic natural products at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, before moving to Hershey Medical School for her PhD. While at Hershey Medical School, Sara focused on aging and the role of oxidative stress in the process. For her PhD research, she won the Marian Kies Memorial Award from the American Society for Nuerochemistry, for outstanding research conducted during graduate training. Following her time in Hershey, Sara moved to the United Kingdom to continue her research. In 2003, Sara left academic research and founded her company Bath Potions, which specialises in honey soaps and beeswax creams.  Recipes are available in her first book, Dr Sara’s Honey Potions. Sara lives in North London with her family and runs workshops at the British Beekeepers Association Spring Convention and The National Honey Show each year. Her second book, Beauty & the Bees examines how the anti-oxidants in honey decrease oxidative stress and the signs of aging. Sara has a continued interest in aging and anti-oxidants, particularly, the anti-oxidants in bee products and how they can slow the aging process.

Participant information

Part of the day is hands-on so you might wish to bring an apron or wear clothes you don’t mind getting a bit dirty.

Fee and refreshments

£75 per person, including tuition, teas and coffees. Please let the Museum know in advance of any special dietary requirements.
The Museum café will be open for lunch-time snacks or alternatively participants can bring their own packed lunch.