Words and Music

  • 10am-4.30pm The course From the fires of the late autumn to harvest home the following year, the farming community had a wealth of customs and songs to mark the turning of the seasons and the agricultural activities of the year. The course aims to teach these through some lively talking and discussion, but it will be mainly participatory. So be... (more info)
  • 10am-4.30pm The course This is a voice/singing workshop where the participants will have the opportunity to learn a number of English broadside ballad tunes from the 17th century. These ‘drinking songs’ were written to be sung in the ale houses of everyday people. These songs are rousing to sing, and can inform us much about... (more info)
  • Saxon house opening October 2016
    10am-4.30pm The course An overview of the Old English (Anglo-Saxon) language; historical background material, writing and spelling and some simple texts and prose narratives. The tutor Stephen Pollington is the author of a dozen books on the Anglo-Saxon period and especially the language/literature. He has provided the ‘voice’ for the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for TV programmes,... (more info)
  • Songs in the time of ShakespeareSaturday 14 September 2019
    10am-4.30pm The course This is a singing workshop where the participants will have the opportunity to develop and share a number of songs used or mentioned within the plays of Shakespeare.  The dramatic context of the pieces will be considered in order to inform an authentic performance of the songs.  Many of these songs came... (more info)
  • Sound, resonance and listeningSaturday 21 September 2019
    10am-4.30pm The course This course is a multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary approach to understanding sound and how we listen. Looking at how we can appreciate sound to a greater level in order to understand the past and also to expand our own creativity, personal development and appreciation of the natural environment in the modern world. Historical... (more info)