• Victorian patchworkSaturday 19 January 2019
    10:30am-4pm The course An opportunity to try out Victorian Crazy Patchwork. This patchwork technique was a favourite of the Victorians. A showcase for carefully hoarded scraps of favourite fabrics, they were a chance for the maker to let their imagination run riot with embroidered decoration and beads. We will make traditional pincushions or needle-keeps. The... (more info)
  • Elizabethan walnutsSaturday 26 January 2019
    10am-4pm The course Made from the shell of a single walnut covered in fabric, these tiny encrusted bags were a novelty gift in the courts of Elizabeth I. Come and make your own replica of a more sumptuous time—they can become quite addictive. Use them as key finders, hang them from curtain rails, or give... (more info)
  • Stumpwork: CockerelSaturday 2 February 2019
    9.30am-4pm The course Create your own handsome cockerel embellished with metallic threads and beads, to show off his wonderful tail and gleaming feathers. Using wire-work and padding techniques to create three-dimensional elements in the design, learn to combine traditional stumpwork with modern materials and methods. The course will provide all the materials required plus a... (more info)
  • Spinning: drop spindle and the wheelSaturday 9 - Sunday 10 February 2019
    10am-4pm The course The two days are interlinked, with the second building on the skills learnt on the first. Preparation and the drop spindle: Characteristics of wool and breed Selecting and judging the quality of a fleece Preparing for spinning Spinning using a drop spindle Introduction and the wheel: Introduction to the wheel How to... (more info)
  • Tapestry workshop: weave a landscapeSaturday 16 February 2019
    10am-4pm The course Using a simple frame loom (which you can keep) and a variety of yarns to produce a woven landscape wall hanging. The emphasis will be on colour blending and both traditional and 3D techniques will be used during the day. No experience of weaving is needed. However both beginners and those with... (more info)
  • Make a felt hatSaturday 23 February 2019
    10am-4pm The course You will be using prepared fleece to produce your own original hat. The process includes the use of water and soap, and a certain degree of physical effort! The tutor Hilary Charlesworth is a weaver who lives and works in West Sussex. She has a City and Guilds certificate in Creative Textiles... (more info)
  • Tatting workshopSunday 24 February 2019
    To be added to the waiting list please call 01243 811021 or email [email protected] 10am-4pm The course Tatting is a form of lace making, using a shuttle to form knots, rather than the traditional lace makers’ pillows and bobbins. It is thought to have derived from the knots that sailors used on their thick warps,... (more info)
  • Introduction to crochetSaturday 2 March 2019
    10am-1pm The course Join a short relaxed session to learn some basic crochet stitches. The tutor Rose Savage trained as a teacher and worked for some time, until her family began to arrive, teaching 7 to 8 year olds. Once the family was at school she worked first for a publishing company, and finally spent... (more info)
  • NalbindingSunday 3 March 2019
    10am-4pm The course Nalbinding is a method of manipulating loops of yarn with a needle to create three dimensional or flat textiles. It has its origins in prehistory and became increasingly popular in Early Medieval societies. From Mesolithic looped around a core or knotless netting bags worked in bast fibres to Egyptian or Viking socks... (more info)
  • Peg loom weavingSaturday 16 March 2019
    10am-4pm The course Peg loom weaving is an easy way to produce simple rugs and fabrics using fleece, yarn or recycled materials. In this one day workshop, you will make a wooden peg loom (which you can keep) and then learn how to put a warp on it and begin weaving. The tutors Hilary Charlesworth... (more info)
  • Knitting the landscapeWednesday 15 May 2019
    10am-4:30pm The course The first part of this course will involve a walk around the Weald and Downland Museum where we will photograph and or sketch ideas, taking inspiration from the colours and patterns seen in the local landscape and buildings. We will take this inspiration back to the classroom and create our own Weald... (more info)
  • Natural dyesSaturday 8 June 2019
    10am-4pm The course An interactive day using plants from the museum site to dye locally sourced wool. Including a walk around some of the museum’s historic gardens to find out about how to grow, gather and dye using plants. The tutor Louise runs a small, independent wool company and natural dye studio based in Sussex... (more info)
  • Colour from compostSaturday 13 July 2019
    10am-4:30pm The course Using ‘waste’ materials we will explore how we can utilise by-products from the kitchen to create beautiful colours. We will consider dyeing within the philosophy of permacouture – an integrated approach about the multiple uses of everyday foodstuffs, from food to fashion, and finally to compost. Participants can bring a cotton or... (more info)
  • Beaded Dorset buttonsSunday 8 September 2019
    10am-4pm The course You will make two different types of beaded Dorset button, which you can turn into a keyring, a brooch or a wall hanging. You will learn about the history of Dorset buttons from their beginnings in the 1600s, the growth of button making in the 1700s, it’s death in the Industrial Revolution... (more info)
  • Spinning flaxThursday 26 September 2019
    10am-4pm The course The course will consider the properties and history of fax as a textile fibre. We will dress distaffs and spin with spindles, but if you wish to bring a wheel please do so. Everything you need will be provided, and there will be distaffs and spindles to buy. If you have your... (more info)
  • 10am-4pm The course A brief practical history of knitting in Britain, looking at the products, techniques, and social history of knitting and knitters from the 16th to the 20th century. We shall be learning to ‘knit in the round’ and to use a knitting sheath, and trying out a number of different techniques. Pictures, samples... (more info)
  • 10am-4pm The course A brief practical history of knitting in Britain, looking at the products, techniques, and social history of knitting and knitters from the 16th to the 20th century. We shall be learning to ‘knit in the round’ and to use a knitting sheath, and trying out a number of different techniques. Pictures, samples... (more info)
  • Free-style metallic blackworkSaturday 12 October 2019
    9.30am-4pm The course Inspired by 16th century Blackwork styles, have fun adding your own choice of insects, birds and floral motifs to a basic outlined design depicting leaves and twining stems. A range of motifs will be available to work from or further adapt and personalise, all of which will then be transferred to the... (more info)