Historic Life

  • 10am-4pm The course From prehistoric evidence to early twentieth century, we take a practical, in depth look at how cosmetics and perfumes developed and make pomander beads and lip paints to take away. The tutor Sally Pointer has a background in archaeology and in museum education. She is the author of ‘The Artifice of Beauty,... (more info)
  • History of soapSaturday 2 March 2019
    10am-4pm The course From earliest evidence to craft revival, we look at how soap developed and make hot processed soft soap, pure olive Castile soap and Tudor inspired herb washballs to take away. Class format is a mixture of hands on workshop and in depth talk and will provide a thorough working knowledge of the... (more info)
  • Introduction to falconrySaturday 27 April 2019
    10:30am-4pm The course Tailored  for those who have a keen interest in Falconry and birds of prey. During this session you will gain a basic understanding of birds of prey, their training and care whilst providing a hands-on experience holding and flying falconry birds. Learn all about the nature of the birds and the ancient... (more info)
  • Bone needlesSaturday 25 May 2019
    10am-4.30pm The course Spend a day making bone needles using only Stone Age tools and techniques (flint and stone) to work deer bone into these beautiful and useful needles. Other items made from these materials will be on hand for you to look at and handle. And we’ll consider the historical context, with reference to... (more info)
  • 10:30am-3:30pm The course On this course you will learn how to make a medieval long stitch book in leather with linen thread using techniques that have not changed in 400 years. You will have a fully functional notebook complete with wrap around tie by the end of the course. The tutors Marysa de Veer runs... (more info)
  • Medieval medicine chestSunday 10 August 2019
    10am-4pm The course Explore the ‘medieval mind’ and the houses where you may have lived and learn about the folk lore, customs, beliefs, medicinal ideas and how they were put into practice. Make some things to protect you from the pestilence, cure a cold, ointments for sore joints and muscles and let us guide you... (more info)