Historic Life

  • Nettles from sting to stringSaturday 19 May 2018
    To be added to the waiting list please call 01243 811021 or email [email protected] 10am-4pm The course Explore the humble nettle and learn about the common folklore surrounding this unloved weed! You will spend the day dyeing with nettles, learn how to spin its fibre, making a simple medicine and  a crude form of string! We... (more info)
  • Coifs, caps, hats and hairSunday 14 October 2018
    10.30am-4pm The course How did cosmetics first become fashionable and how were they made? Learn how to use ‘rats’ in your hair and why a high forehead was the expected medieval image. With ‘hands on’ experience using an extensive range of headwear from the Medieval through to Victorian periods. A basic introduction to centuries of womens’... (more info)
  • The medieval medicine chestSaturday 12 August 2018
    10am-4pm The course Explore the ‘medieval mind’ and the houses where you may have lived and learn about the folk lore, customs, beliefs, medicinal ideas and how they were put into practice. Make some things to protect you from the pestilence, cure a cold, ointments for sore joints and muscles and let us guide you... (more info)