Guided Walks

  • Dawn walkSaturday 12 May 2018
    Starts at 4.30am The walk Guided walk through local woods to hear the dawn chorus. Learn to identify woodland birds by song and call. Starts at 4.30am and finishes with full breakfast at the Museum. Participants will need to make their own way to the start of the walk and then to the Museum for... (more info)
  • Museums at NightFriday 18 May 2018
    Starts at 8.45pm – c. 10.45pm The walk Join a guided walk through the Museum site, stopping to visit some of our houses and discover how the people who dwelt there in the past would have lived during the hours of dusk and darkness. How did they light the dark? What did they do in... (more info)
  • Natural navigationFriday 18 May 2018
    Starts at 2pm The walk Learn the practical basics of natural navigation. Natural navigation is the rare art of finding your way using nature, including the sun, moon, stars, weather, land, sea, plants and animals. You will be out and about in the Museum site so will use your surroundings as examples. The leader Tristan... (more info)
  • Bat walkFriday 24 August 2018
    Starts at 7.15pm and finishes at 9pm, with hot drinks. The walk Join our guided bat walk, where bat detectors will be used to locate and identify the different types of bat that live around the Museum site. A wonderful opportunity to learn about these fascinating creatures. The leader Sue Harris from the Sussex Bat... (more info)