Timber Framed Buildings: history, construction & repair

  • Repair of timber framed buildingsWednesday 29 March 2017
    9.30am-5pm The course An introduction to the techniques of repair of traditional timber-framed buildings. The exhibit buildings around the Museum will be used as examples. The day will start with a lecture by Richard Harris, giving an overview of repair principles and methods. Following this, Joe Thompson will give a presentation using samples to illustrate... (more info)
  • 9.30am-5pm The course The number, position and arrangement of timbers provides the evidence for the analysis and dating of timber framed buildings based on stylistic evidence. We will use the Museum exhibit buildings from the South East of England to look at features dating from the late 1300s to the 1900s. Learn to spot the... (more info)
  • Tool sharpening: the cutting edgeThursday 29 - Friday 30 June 2017
    9.30am-5pm The course This two day course has been designed for those with little or no previous tool sharpening experience, who enjoy working with wood but have found difficulty achieving a satisfying standard of work due to their lack of tool tuning and sharpening skills. During the course you will learn how to sharpen wood... (more info)
  • The roofing squareFriday 7th July 2017
    9.30am-5pm The course The use of the roofing square is a fundamental skill of carpentry. Learn how to line out and cut the softwood timber rafters for lean-to, gable and hipped roofs. This day will help demystify this essential carpenter’s tool. There are a large number of variations on how to use the square and... (more info)
  • Wattle & daubFriday 8th September 2017
    9.30am-5pm The course Wattle and daub was a much used material for panel in-filling of timber framed buildings. The exact wood used for the wattle and the mix which was daubed over it to keep the wind and weather out were dependent on the materials available. There are many examples of wattle and daub panels... (more info)
  • Historic building conservation courses brochure
    Download our Historic Building Conservation course brochure to see all of the interesting courses that we are running in 2017. If you would like to receive a brochure through the post email [email protected] or call 01243 811021. Booking To book on a course, use the menu on the left to navigate through our range of... (more info)