Building Conservation

  • Fire and historic buildingsWednesday 5th September 2018
    9.30am-5pm The course An informative day considering the issues relating to fire and historic buildings, including the spread and growth of fire and how it affects traditional building materials, handling fire insurance claims, fire safety interventions and what the law requires, and fire in thatched buildings. Programme: The spread and growth of fire and how it... (more info)
  • Damp and historic buildingsTuesday 18 September 2018
    9.30am-5pm The course The correct assessment of the significance of moisture within historic buildings affects not only the current condition but also has implications for the future life of the building fabric. The course discusses the importance of breathability in historic buildings, how this is achieved and can be maintained and what happens when it... (more info)
  • Wattle & daubThursday 20th September 2018
    9.30am-5pm The course Wattle and daub was a much used material for panel in-filling of timber framed buildings. The exact wood used for the wattle and the mix which was daubed over it to keep the wind and weather out were dependent on the materials available. There are many examples of wattle and daub panels... (more info)
  • Tindalls cottage interior
    9.30am – 5pm The course A course aimed at the owners and guardians of historic homes. The course will look at the fabric, features, fittings and furnishings of historic buildings.  These features are quite often overlooked but are so important in contributing to the historic significance of a building. They range from something as small... (more info)
  • Practical thatchingThursday 4th October 2018
    9.30am-5pm The course This is a practical, hands-on course, giving participants the chance to thatch on a practice roof using all the tools, materials and techniques of the craft. Depending on Museum projects this course may take place on one of the Museum’s exhibit buildings. The tutor Chris Tomkins is a Master Thatcher living and... (more info)