Evening Talks

  • 6.30pm-8pm  The Talk Fasten your seat belts as Michael Blencowe of Sussex Wildlife Trust takes us on a virtual tour of the Trust’s nature reserves looking for our county’s most beautiful (and bizarre) wildlife. We will encounter hungry plants, elusive birds, beautiful beetles and maybe even a wild boar and we’ll learn about the history,... (more info)
  • 6.30pm-8pm The Talk In the course of this evening talk find out more about the English writer, gardener and diarist John Evelyn (1620 – 1706) and his book ‘Sylva – A Discourse on Forest Trees’. This work was one of the ways he showed his great interest in the how, why and what of gardening and... (more info)
  • 6.30pm-8pm The Talk Explore the history of British and American quilting; from the days of the American Civil war, through pioneers, the Victorians, the Great Depression, quilts used in wartime at home and abroad, until the revival in the craft in the 1970s and beyond. There will also be a chance to see a number... (more info)
  • 6.30pm-8pm The Talk This talk will cover much of the historic county of Sussex throughout the period. The differences between the types of drinking establishments will be explained and illustrated, while documentary and other sources will provide evidence for the food and drink retailed and consumed within them, showing how these provisions were supplied. Reactions... (more info)
  • Furniture Design and InspirationThursday 17 May 2018
    6.30pm-8pm The Talk Abdollah will be discussing his theories on how we perceive beauty and the ways we define it in our minds, in life and the importance of beauty in the art and of furniture making. The Speaker Abdollah Nafisi is a passionate furniture designer and bespoke furniture maker and designer, photographer and musician based in Horsham, West... (more info)
  • 6.30pm-8pm The Talk A fully illustrated presentation covering an number of topics, including the State of the Art in the 21st Century; location, light and timing; composition, inspiration and mood; shoot preparation, meteorology (British weather and all it can do for your photography) and image processing and interpretation.​ The Speaker Benjamin Graham is an internationally... (more info)
  • 6.30pm-8pm The Talk Named after their native landscape, the Southdown sheep breed was once prized as much for its fleece as for its meat. Today, the Southdown struggles to compete with other native British breeds and increasing pressure from non-domestic flocks that dominate the wool market. However, there is an emerging interest in the provenance,... (more info)
  • 6.30pm-8pm The Talk Ravilious (1903 – 42) was a painter, designer, book illustrator and wood-engraver. He grew up in East Sussex, and is best known for his watercolours and prints which examine English landscape and vernacular subjects with an original, modernist clarity. He served as a WW2 artist, and died when the aircraft he was... (more info)
  • Roman SussexThursday 14 June 2018
    6.30pm-8pm The Talk This lecture will explore aspects of life in Sussex immediately before and during the Roman period (AD 43-410). We will review: the ‘Conquest’ of Claudius with regards to Sussex, the client kingdom of Togidubnus, the tribal civitas capital at Chichester, roads, other nucleated settlements, the Flavian Palace at Fishbourne, villas, farmsteads, field systems, industry, trade, religion,... (more info)
  • Drugs from Natural SourcesThursday 28 June 2018
    6.30pm-8pm The Talk From Dr. William Withering’s research on foxglove in the 18th century to recent extracts from the yew for chemotherapy and anti- inflammatory papain from the pineapple; the talk follows a fascinating history. The isolation of important alkaloids from Aconite, Cinchona, Henbane and other herbs from 1803 onwards and dominance of opium derivatives... (more info)
  • East Dean: A Landscape HistoryWednesday 4 July 2018
    6.30pm-8pm The Talk Following a request from a local farmer, work began on discovering and writing the landscape history of the manor of East Dean, near Singleton. Aerial photographs (LiDAR) taken as part of the South Downs National Park’s Secrets of the High Woods project have been overlain on the detailed maps drawn up in... (more info)