Evening Talks

  • The Museum’s 2017 programme of talks is now out. If you are a speaker, who would like to give an evening talk next year at the Museum please email [email protected] or call 01243 811021.  ... (more info)
  • The talk With the Museum’s collection spanning over 950 years, to replicate any one style or period would have been inappropriate. ABIR Architects have chosen a design response which marries the numerous timber framed elements, components, junctions and materiality seen at the Museum with the educational aspect of the construction itself. The Gateway buildings are... (more info)
  • The talk If you find yourself in Britain in the years 1660-1700 – the age of Charles II, Samuel Pepys, Isaac Newton and the Glorious Revolution – where will you stay? What will you eat? What laws will you need to obey? What diseases will kill you? In this talk you will hear about the... (more info)
  • Jane Austen’s EmmaTuesday 9 May 2017
    The talk 2017 marks 200 years since the death of Jane Austen and many events will celebrate her life and amazing works this year. Just one year before her death, Jane Austen published ‘Emma’, the last to be published in her lifetime. This talk will set this perennially popular book in the context of her career... (more info)
  • Anne Boleyn: A King’s ObsessionTuesday 16 May 2017
    The talk An extraordinary young woman, who changed the course of history. Fresh from the sophisticated palaces of Burgundy and France, Anne draws attention at the English court, embracing the play of courtly love. But when the King commands, nothing is ever a game. She has a spirit worthy of a crown – and a... (more info)
  • Craftsmanship and CommunityWednesday 24 May 2017
    Craftsman Ewan Clayton calligrapher
    The talk Ewan Clayton, a calligrapher, grew up in the craft Guild on Ditchling Common where two generations of his family worked as silk weavers, Ewan himself was a member of the community. As we approach the community’s centenary in two years time Ewan has begun to reflect on the Guild’s way of life, the... (more info)
  • Stone Masonry Through the AgesTuesday 6 June 2017
    The talk An evening to be inspired by the skills of a master craftsman and discover more about stonemasonry through the ages. The talk will consider all aspects of this area of work from the sourcing of materials and quarrying, to the different stones and those specifically in the Weald & Downland area. We will... (more info)
  • Sebastian Cox design studio
    The talk Sebastian Cox’s earliest memory is of a family visit to the Weald and Downland Museum when he was three. He has continued to visit the Museum, through his early years, teens and into adulthood; for both pleasure and for work. Sebastian cites the Museum as a huge source of inspiration for his award-winning... (more info)
  • Exploring Sussex ChurchesTuesday 4 July 2017
    Church in Brightling, Sussex
    The talk Although Sussex was relatively late in converting to Christianity it has, uniquely amongst southern counties, retained a large proportion of its earliest church buildings. Subsequent wealth and influences have not destroyed all that was there and the past really does peep out at the casual visitor. The lecture looks at the architectural history... (more info)
  • May Day Farm barn conservation
    The talk Find out about one of the Museum’s latest building conservation projects in this illustrated talk. The Museum’s Carpenter will explain the dismantling and conservation of the late C18th/early C19 timber framed barn from May Day Farm. He will discuss the techniques used that build on the Museum’s previous good work. The speaker Joe... (more info)
  • Wakehurst gardens.
    The talk Wakehurst is Kew’s wild botanic garden: 535 acres of woodland, meadows and water, complementing fine ornamental horticulture. The Great Storm of 1987 was a dramatic moment in our history, but one we turned to our advantage, laying out epic temperate woodlands of the world, evoking the sensations of exploring the forests of Asia,... (more info)
  • The Royal Hospital for Seamen
    ‘The noblest monument of wisdom and benevolence’ The talk The Royal Hospital at Greenwich was founded in 1694 by Queen Mary II to offer a safe harbour for injured, disabled or infirm seamen who had served in the Royal Navy. This was to be England’s grandest charitable institution, built on a palatial scale. Although master-planned... (more info)
  • Jerwood Gridshell space
    The talk In 2002, the completion of the Weald & Downland Museum’s gridshell building reignited architectural interest in gridshells worldwide. The success of gridshell projects depends to a hug extent on successful collaboration between architects, engineers and craftspeople. Intrinsically connected with structure and construction, their realisation is shaped by the inevitable influence of technological advancement.... (more info)
  • Light, Space, Movement and ChangeTuesday 1 August 2017
    Jeremy Houghton sheep print
    The talk To coincide with the opening of an exhibition at the Museum of his work, Jeremy Houghton will discuss his inspiration and working method. He creates artworks that depict the dynamic world. The subjects and places that characterise these scenes are illuminated by the way that he shapes the spaces between things, and the... (more info)
  • Dark Skies Of The South DownsThursday 25 January 2018
    6.30pm – 7.30pm The Talk Join us for an indoors illustrated talk on the skies above us, the best places to view various constellations in our area, equipment needed and why dark sky reserves are important. Then, as weather dependent extra at the end of the course, go outside and have the chance to try... (more info)