Timber Crane Nameplate

The timber crane was acquired from Basing Home Farm, Hampshire, where it had been used since it was manufactured in about 1900. It is a hand-powered crane operating with two winding mechanisms, one to manoeuvre the jib and the other to lift the load. It is about 21ft 6in (6.5m) in height and was used to transfer timber from wagons into a store or workshop. It was designed to lift up to 10 tons. The jib is made of two linked timbers, 39ft (11.9m) long, and can rotate in a 90° arc.

The crane was restored in 2006 and is in working order, with all its original iron cogwheels, shafts and fittings — only one small cogwheel and one shaft had to be replaced. The huge softwood timbers, however, were beyond repair, and all have been renewed using Douglas Fir.

The woodyard is a working exhibit designed to show all the processes of a traditional country yard, including hewing, pitsawing, and powered sawing on a racksaw bench.